Machine Shop



Machine Shop is an ideal set up for the production of any mechanical item in small and medium size. The turned sizes being in the range of maximum of 5 feet diameter and 25 feet length. The galaxy of imported machine tools gives us the confidence and capability to work for the Country’s needs for spares for the operating Plant and Equipment comprising Conveyors, Cane Carriers for Sugar Mills, Gear Boxes, Centrifugal Pump Casings and Impellers. In addition fabricated items like Evaporators, Vacuum Pans, Crystallizers, and Juice Heaters, Barrage Water Flow Control gear, Structural Works for the Gates, Radial as well as Sliding Gates can easily be manufactured by us in our Shops and then moved to the site for erection and commissioning.

The line of Power Presses is the production facility with the capacity so huge that it can be put to use for the large-scale die-forging of components for the rail track fastening material, tie rod ends, valve bodies, as heavy as xxx kg per piece.

Heat treatment facilities can be provided for item in need of such operation. Automotive Sector is one area where our available facilities can play a very important role. The sheet metal components for the automobiles as well as items forged and machined can be produced with confidence and strictly conforming to the needs of the quality conscious customer. The copy milling machines of sophisticated design can quickly transform samples into dies made of standard materials followed by heat treatment.