Rail Track Fasteners




Holding the line: Track fasteners use a variety of shapes
and materials to solve a wide variety of problems while
doing their basic job of holding the track together.
Besides holding everything together, fasteners can
help deal with electrical problems or work to reduce
noise and vibration.

To further augment the existing manufacture and supply of
rails to sleeper fastenings although micro but an important
part of track geometry, additional machinery units have
been added to the existing strength. Al-tech is already
manufacturing and supplying these items in large quantities
to Foreign Railways namely, Sudan, Congo National Railways
Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for the last over fifteen years. Thus
earning precious foreign exchange and providing
employment opportunities to local Labour.

Similarly Switches, Crossings and steel trough sleepers
duly manufactured at our two manufacturing units have
been supplied to the Sudan and Congo national railways.
The process is continuing against large quantity job orders.
The precision of quality has always been our guidelines. The
other P-Way items manufactured and supplied to other
purchasers are fish plates of sorts, bearing and anchor
plates, dog spikes, round spikes, fish bolts of different sizes,
anchors, Steel clips and screw spikes.

Majority of above recorded articles are fastenings or holding
down devices for rail with sleepers and other P-way
assemblies. Whereas Fish plates are used to link rail to rail.
Sleepers are meant to distribute (to transfer) the axle load to
the embankment and sub grades etc. Points and Crossings
(Turnouts etc) are meant /provided to change the direction
of Locomotives (Traction Power) from one track to the other.

The above articles are universally used all over the world. The
miniature images of articles being manufactured at our
WORKS are shown in the following pages placed opposite.