Steel Sleepers




Steel sleepers, correctly installed, hold alignment and
resist creep better than any other track type. They are
tolerant of poorer ballast conditions, and create
neither dust nor slurry to contaminate the ballast bed.
Steel sleepers are used for standard railway tracks
and turnouts subjected to medium or heavy axle
loads. They are lightweight and dimensionally more
accurate than wooden or concrete ones. Their
multiple advantages, including lower cost compared to wooden sleepers, make them an effective technical solution for modern rail networks.

We offer a wide range of steel sleeper designs,
including ones for heavier axle loads and higher

• Improved stability
• Fully recyclable
• Reduced maintenance
• Uniform and consistent quality
• Can be supplied in small batches
• Time and cost savings at installation
• Simple site preparation and installation
• Minimal “Imprest” stock requirement
• Convenient during accident and flood restorations
• High resistance to lateral displacement in ballast
• Ideal solution for sharp curves and steep gradients 
• Lightweight design enabling easy handling
• Equally amenable to both manual and machine tamping

At Al-Tech Prime, Steel Sleepers are manufactured in
accordance to specific technical requirements of
indentors. The manufacturing process, employing latest
CAD / CAM systems to design and optimise production, is
optimally structured to reduce wear and lower forces,
maintenance and life-cycle costs.