Railway Crossings




Our  HTW crossing is a monolithic structure, where the Vee is formed from two separate pieces of 90 A grade rails, with a steel plate sandwiched in between. The plate is Electro-slag welded and planed to form a solid nose. The weld metal hardness, at the top of the rail head and in the weld cross section, ranges from 330 to 360 BHN.


The Wing Rails are head hardened through induction hardening method with subsequently controlled cooling, to obtain fine pearlitic grain structure. The Wing Rails and the Vee are bolted together by high tensile bolts, to form a complete HTW crossing. These crossings can withstand axle loads as high as 25 tones under varying traffic conditions and can be welded to the adjoining rails.

HTW crossing can be designed and manufactured as per the client's specific requirements. We have designed and manufactured a wide range of such crossings as Acute, Obtuse, Diamond, Curved, Extended Nose Type, and Crossings with clothoidal entry.

• Cost effective solution
• Longer life cycle
• Easy to weld repair in situ
• Low maintenance cost
• Fit for high axle load and high speed
• Quicker delivery